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Our services
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We are a well established Suffolk based company with our main base near Ipswich with the majority of our work being located in and around Bury St. Edmunds, Stowmarket and Ipswich.
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Tree surgery
Garden landscaping
Garden maintenance
Soil, mulch, woodchip
Free consultation
We are happy to visit and discuss your potential projects, offer plenty of ideas and inspiration.
Our prices reflect the projects and the skill involved.
Environmental Promise
We take the environment extremly seriously and do everything possible to make a positive impact.
& Trust
We turn up! We always return your calls. We won’t leave you waiting.
Complex projects
We love the challenge of working on complicated and technical designs.

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Our team

Between us we have a mix of skills and qualifications which allows us to undertake a wide range of projects.
We take pride in our work. It’s personal to us, ensuring we work to the highest standard.
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Create your project

We offer the flexibility for you to create your own design or sketch. We are also happy to take on work from other designers or provide you with a design.

Environmental promise

REWTS have a strong environmentally friendly work ethic and strive to maximise the positive impact we have on the environment.
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Can you remove the waste? Does this cost extra?
Yes we can, this will be discussed when we visit for the quote, it's chargeable depending on a quality or type.
I have a tree overhanging a busy road. How will the traffic be organised and does the council need to be advised?
If your council needs to know that traffic will be disrupted, we will tell them and arrange traffic management.
Do we need to get permission to take down or carry out work on our tree?
Sometimes it's necessary to apply for permission to work on trees. Some trees have TPO's (Tree preservation Orders) or are in Conservation Area, which means an application has to be made.
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