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REWTS have a strong environmentally friendly work ethic and strive to maximise the positive impact we have on the environment.
Organic methods & sustainable techniques
We aim to minimize the use of manufactured chemical substances. Instead, we use our own compost and natural nutrients to increase soil health and fertility. Our wood chippings are a byproduct from our tree surgery business. Our own mulch, produced from these chippings, helps to keep the soil moist, enriches it and keeps the weeds down. It also delivers nutrients back to the earth as it breaks down. We also sell any surplus wood chippings to bio fuel energy companies - this is a great alternative to some of the more detrimental fossil fuels or natural gas.
Eco standards


We use battery powered chainsaws which are much quieter than standard petrol chainsaws lessening noise pollution. They are so quiet we don’t need to use ear defenders - less disruption for you and the neighbours! Battery powered chainsaws also have the advantage of not emitting fumes, minimizing any impact on the environment.
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We offer the flexibility for you to create your own design or sketch. We are also happy to take on work from other designers or provide you with a design.