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Can you remove the waste? Does this cost extra?
Yes we can, this will be discussed when we visit for the quote, it's chargeable depending on a quality or type.
I have a tree overhanging a busy road. How will the traffic be organised and does the council need to be advised?
If your council needs to know that traffic will be disrupted, we will tell them and arrange traffic management.
Do we need to get permission to take down or carry out work on our tree?
Sometimes it's necessary to apply for permission to work on trees. Some trees have TPO's (Tree preservation Orders) or are in Conservation Area, which means an application has to be made.
I live in a Conservation Area, do I need permission to remove a branch?
Yes, you must have permission to carry out any work, however small the work may be.
How do I apply for permission to work on a tree that's protected?
We provide this service for you.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully covered. In the unlikely event of an accident we have up to 5 million GBP public liability and 10 million GBP employer liability. The policy document are available upon request.
Are your staff qualified and experienced?
Yes, you will always have someone who is qualified and experienced to carry out the job in hand. Occasionally we take on staff to be trained but they are not left to carry out work that they are not yet qualified to do.
How do I pay? How soon do I have to pay the invoice?
Our preferred method of payment is Bank Transfer, however we are happy to accept Cheque or Cash. Payment terms will be stated in the Quote / Invoice but generally payment should be made no later than 7 days from the Invoice date.
How long does it take before permission to work on a tree is granted?
Usually this would be around 4 weeks from start of application but it can vary depending on which borough council is involved.
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We offer the flexibility for you to create your own design or sketch. We are also happy to take on work from other designers or provide you with a design.